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Identification and selection

Nov 14, 2017

Identification and selection of business talents at a relatively early stage, ex. at the end of high school or beginning of University. 


We Provide

Vacancy Identification and Evaluation of Need Position Description Recruitment Plan Applicants reviews  Interviews  Selection On-boarding support




The main goal of the recruitment and selection is about finding the best recruitment sources, hiring the best talents from the job market and keeping the organization competitive on the job market. The recruitment and selection process is about managing high volumes of job resumes and the ability to choose the right candidates and pushing them quickly through the organization. The recruitment process usually needs a strong support by the dedicated recruitment software solution. The competitive HR management always starts with the competitive recruitment process. The organization builds the competitive advantage with its employees. The recruitment process has to determine the best sources on the job market. The HR Recruiters have to utilize the recruitment sources and managers have to make the right and quick hiring decisions.